If military means greatness, that's the best path to take in life, right? That's what Ryae believed when she enlisted for The Royal Atrum Academy of Defense. Unfortunately for her, it means she's signed fifty years of her life away to the service of the Crown. She's stuck in a contract she signed up for but no longer wants. Between her unwanted contract and the war that rages 7 sectors below, she's in for the ride of her life.

Black Gate is a sci-fi/fantasy 'coming of age' comic with drama overtones. It deals in relationships and culture clash. Rating is PG - PG13. While there is very little strong language, some of the content isn't suitable for younger audiances. Black Gate has war themes and they aren't minimized. There is 'onscreen' death among other violent themes that do occur in this comic.

About the Author

Spelledeg(Eleanor) is a self-taught comic artist with no previous experience in sequential art. This whole thing is one big experiment. She does stand-alone illustrations in addition to this experiment that is now INTS: Black Gate.