Ryae{RYE-AY-UH} | Beivillium | Female | Approx. 16 | 274cm | New Recruit | Arkey | Squad 7

Confident in her own skin, Ryae makes no qualms about talking about her abilities or bragging in general. She's quick on her feet and always planning. She joined the military with greatness in mind, unfortunately, nothing goes according to plan. Instead of ranking high in the entrance placement, she ranked in the lowest class, Arkey. She joined some time after her friend, Byleero. Somehow, she thinks having a friend involved will make things easier.

Byleero{BI-LEE-ROW} | Beivillium | Male | Approx. 20 | 365cm | Soldier | Boszyre | Squad 2

Generally patient, Byleero is usually to take things in stride. While he is decisive, he prefers a slower pace. Military was not his first career choice and as of late, things have been getting under his skin. His previous emplyer's daughter, Ryae, recently joined and it's been somewhat turbulent ever since. At class Boszyre in the soldiers division, he's standard military personnel for local missions or deployment.

Feneryos{FEH-NEH-REE-OSS} | Beivillium | Female | Approx. 17 | 280cm | New Recruit | Arkey | Squad 7

Ever the optimist, Feneryos tends to look on the bright side. She's level headed but doesn't compromise that optimism for negativity, and at no point should her kindness be taken for granted. She joined the military with a simple goal in mind: helping people and honor. The good news is, being put in class Arkey almost indefinitely guarantees service jobs since it's the lowest class.

Serekyei{SER-EHK-AY-UH or SER-EHK-EE-AY} | Beivillium | Male | Approx. 19 | 370cm | Soldier | Boszyre | Squad 2

A curious anchor, Serekyei is good at attracting trouble. He seems to mean well, but he tends to hear the uttered rumors around RAAD before anyone else does. He's extremely skeptical, and somewhat bitter about things, for some reason. He likes solving mysteries and joined the military due to the lack of other employment options open to him. He's glad to have found a friend in Byleero.



Wytse & Hoyke

One full of dry humor and pessimism, the other full of blind optimism and hopes of becoming a military physician. Wytse and Hoyke are two members of Class Arkey's Squad 5. Neither one is the sort to dream very high